"Let me tell you a story about a university divided by ideals,
a university split into factions...

Once there were none, then there were two.

Soon, they will be gone."

The Story
Just as they enroll at ######### University, Coral is thrown into a conflict of rivaling factions.
After an unprecedented election result, the balance on campus is already disturbed and with the emergence of an anonymous group whose sole goal is to destroy the faction system no matter the cost, a time of sudden change awaits the students of ######### University.

Defaction is a narrative game about societal expectations and (not) fitting in.

  • Take control of Coral, a first semester history student who finds themselves in midst a conflict of ideals that has been brewing for more than half a century.
  • Choose a faction and stay loyal to them, or defect to a group you can better identify with.
  • Use Coral's phone to interact with other characters and the world, explore the campus, and change the system into something that you can stand for.

The League

Nope, no Faction was first
The oldest of the two factions.
Above all the League values tradition, discipline, loyalty, and team spirit.
Fellow League members always help and support each other. It is a great place to go to if you like being among people! But Only if you live up to their expectations

The Avantgarde

Except their "Everyone" has limits
The Avantgarde values individuality over conformity.
Everyone is welcome no matter who they are.
If you want to meet all kinds of people, the Avantgarde is the place to go. They are a group of forward-thinkers, always looking to evolve! Yeah right...

There is more than meets the eye.

Don't just believe, Think for yourself.

seek the Truth - stay Up to Date

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